About Me

Hello! I'm Marc Broers. A Software Engineer / IT Architect born in the Netherlands and currently living in Amsterdam.

My personal mission is to leverage technology to empower individuals and organizations to become more productive, creative, altruistic, and fulfilled.

Through my expertise in designing and building innovative software solutions, I aim to create tools that enable people to better connect, collaborate, and contribute to society. By developing user-friendly applications and systems that are accessible to all, regardless of their technical skills or background. I believe that by leveraging the power of technology for good, we can create a better future.

My Career

FindNFund (2022-NOW)
FindNFund is a startup that is revolutionizing the process of requesting funding as a charity by providing a web-based platform. I joined as a Co-Founder and CTO in 2022 to help bootstrap the company and be responsible for the product & development team.

Musjroom (2018-2021)
In 2018 I joined Musjroom as Co-Founder & CTO on its mission to provide unique and cheap stays to travelers. I had a great journey with the team by creating such a beautiful company and product from scratch. I left the company while it was active in more than 20 countries in 2021.

Freelance Software Engineer & IT Architect (2015-NOW)
For the last couple of years, I've been focusing on creating enterprise-grade IT solutions as a freelancer for organizations like The University of Amsterdam, HHNK, and InHolland. I also try to help out startups like Bubty by advising on tech and growth-related impediments.

LinkedIn Profile

Current Tech Stack

  • Languages and Frameworks
    • C# (AspNetCore / .NET / WPF / Blazor / Xamarin)
    • HTML/CSS
    • TypeScript / JavaScript (NextJS / React Native / NodeJS / Vue)
    • PHP (Laravel, CodeIgniter)
    • SQL (SQL Server / PostgreSQL / MySQL)
    • NO-SQL (MongoDB / Redis)
  • Methodologies
    • Agila & Scrum
    • Prince2
    • DevOps
    • Test Driven Development (TDD)
    • Clean Code (SOLID, KISS, SRP, DRY, etc.)


Because tech started out as a hobby and later on became my full-time occupation, I had to start searching for new hobbies! Currently, I spend my free time reading about philosophy, entrepreneurship, and tech (of course). I've also started with some small creative hobbies like photography and learning to play the kalimba/mbira.


T500 - TNW Conference 2023
Join us at TNW Conference to explore the future of tech. Every year we connect the top 500 digital talents in the Netherlands and give them a stage to network.
Placed on the 2023 "T500 Talents Under 30" List
De jongens van Musjroom - Helderse Starter van 2019 - willen geen sneller paard
Musjroom, Starter van 2019. Die onderscheiding motiveert de vijf jonge Nieuwediepers achter het bedrijf om hun droom met nóg meer enthousiasme na te jagen.
Musjroom wins the prize for "Best starting business of the year 2019".
Sportzaal nieuwe azc in Den Helder is van ‘iedereen’
Eerst knipten zij een lint door, met assistentie van burgemeester Koen Schuiling. Daarna fietsen zij naar binnen. Met deze handelingen openden vier jongeren woensdagmorgen het nieuwe asielzoekerscentrum Doggershoek in Den Helder.
Volunteer work: Helping my city to provide housing for refugees.
‘Eigen baas, wie had dát gedacht?!’
‘Naast mijn rol als Technical Director bij Musjroom, volg ik de hbo-opleiding Business IT & Management. Ik zit in mijn derde jaar en het gaat zo goed dat ik ook lessen mag verzorgen voor eerstejaarsstudenten’, zegt Marc Broers (links op de foto) van het bedrijf. ’Wie had dat gedacht?! Ik in elk geva…
A piece about how I got into tech, in a magazine to inspire young people to work in the tech sector.
‘Ik wil nooit het gevoel hebben: had ik maar...’
Het leven van deze ‘startupper’ ging niet over rozen. Khosrou kwam, zag en verloor. Maar hij zette door en overwon. Hij en team Musjroom zijn er klaar voor!
Musjroom: How it all started.