The Imagination Collective: A Collection of Creative Works

An expensive title for a collection of just for fun, moderate figments from the creative part of my brain.


A Stranger's Perspective

Familiarity breeds apathy, it's true
We take for granted what's always in view
But beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder
And sometimes we need to see things as a stranger, bolder

We walk the same path, day after day
And fail to see the wonder that's on display
But step back and look with fresh eyes
And suddenly the familiar becomes a surprise

So let us make ourselves a stranger to the world
And rediscover the beauty that we've unfurled
For in the newness of a familiar sight
We'll find a renewed delight.

The Uncharted Path: A Poetic Reflection on the Challenges and Rewards of Life's Journey

The struggles of life can weigh us down, Dragging us through the darkest of towns. We may feel lost and all alone, But there is always a light to guide us home.

Through the pain and the heartache and strife, We must keep moving forward, through the darkest of nights. For even in the depths of despair, There is always hope, if we look and dare.

For though the road may be long and rough, The light at the end, it is more than enough. It guides us through the shadows of doubt, Helping us to find a way out.

So don't lose sight of that distant glow, For it is the beacon that will help you grow. Embrace the struggles, and learn from them all, For they will make you stronger, through the rise and the fall.

And when you reach the end of that long, hard road, You will find that the struggles were worth the toil. For the light that you followed, it will lead you to a place, Where peace and happiness, forever embrace.